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"Gained clarity and focus, with a solid business plan"

July 11, 2020


July 9, 2020


May 4, 2020


Anthony Treas, MPH, CHES

I loved my job as a health educator. But I wanted something more. I wanted more control over my time, to travel, and be able to help more people. I took my health education and experience and started my own coaching business, doing what I love, while having the time to travel and enjoy my life. I am excited to teach how you can do it to.

They Say


Exercise Physiologist

"As someone who is looking for a career change, I found the counseling session with Mr. Treas to be highly informative and encouraging. Mr. Treas goes above and beyond in making sure he provides his clients with high quality information and guidance. As a well rounded individual, Mr.Treas uses his life experiences for the betterment of his clients. "

Jen Youngquist

Yoga Instructor

"I really enjoyed working with Anthony. He provided the support I needed during my online summit as I was lost as to how to engage an audience. He also helped get me on track to creating my signature program. I was overwhelmed and not getting anywhere with it but he helped me break it down into smaller chunks and provided the accountability I needed to get it done. He steered me around the pitfalls and mistakes that new coaches often make so  that I didn't have to experience those setbacks."

Aaron Henry

Physicians Assistant

"When I first started, I really focused on trying to help as many people as possible. And as I look back and after working with Anthony, I see that I was not only creating a lot of extra work for myself, but also a lot of frustration. And just in a couple sessions, I've already got a focused marketing plan. I know what I'm dealing with and have strategies that can help provide different streams of income passive income."

Discover How You Can Turn Your Professional Health Skills Into Your Own Health Coaching Business Today!

In this free training I share how I was able to turn my skills as a health educator into a business that I can run from anywhere in the world. Learn how you can do it to!