July 9, 2020

PA to Health Coaching

What does it take to go from a Physicians Assistant to a Health Coach? 

As you have heard from Aaron's feedback, it is not so easy to go from a health professional to a health coach. 

He is highly educated and a professional, but soon enough, he discovered he was doing all the wrong things. There is a whole other important side to being a health coach, and that is you are first a business owner.

You can't blame him nor any other new coach that jumps into making all the same mistakes. But, luckily for him, he was willing to reach out and get some help early in his health coaching career.

He is no longer making the same mistakes. He is focused and know what to do to get his business established with a great marketing plan. 

If you have found yourself struggling to get your health coaching business going, I would like to invite you to have a conversation with me.

Click here to schedule a free "Get My Business Started Right" ($250 value) consultation call. 

By the end of the call you will have a plan of action that you can begin to implement immediately.

About the author 

Anthony Treas, MPH

Anthony Treas works with health professionals to start their own health coaching business while understanding and navigating the business side of having a coaching business.

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